Xbox Insider

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Xbox Insider Program

App design and comprehensive branding and design support for the Xbox Insider Program. This is essentially a beta testing platform for all things Xbox, with over a million regular users. I worked closely with the developers to design the console app, so Users can provide feedback directly on the console. The experience is gamified, so when a user completes surveys, feedback, repro tasks (called Quests here), and other helpful activity, they gain experience points and level up, unlocking exclusive gamerpic art and other rewards. The app is designed to work across all platforms, from console, to desktop, to tablet, to mobile. The predominant use case is on console. This presented a unique challenge to provide an app that truly works on every screen. In addition to the app itself, I designed the accompanying art and branding, along with fun touches like the XP and level up animations. These were designed to be done entirely in code, so they respect the users accent color, XP count, and level. I also designed a variety of associated assets, including art for posters, shirts, ads, and other tangential pieces to support the program.
  • Category: UX & UI
  • Client: Xbox Insider
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, After Effects
  • Platform: Xbox Console, Web, Mobile