Xbox Cert

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Xbox Cert Identity

Branding and UI art direction for the Xbox Certification program. This is the program game developers go through to certify their games and apps to run on the Xbox platform. The goal was to simplify the user experience and to provide art direction, branding, and imagery that appeals to game developers and has a video-gameu feel. In this context, I established a direction reminiscent of classic vector arcade games like Asteroids. I built a custom font in this style and provided motion and general art direction for the program in a capacity that overlaps and functions with existing Microsoft design standards. The branding is developed in such a way that it allows for existing Microsoft assets to be incorporated, including icon and typographic assets.
  • Category: Branding & Logo
  • Client: Xbox Certification
  • Tools: Illustrator, After Effects
  • Platform: Xbox Console, Web, Mobile