Quantum Break

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Quantum Break Media Experience

Comprehensive media experience across console, desktop, and mobile promoting the release of the game Quantum Break. I designed and lead the full experience and worked closely with developers and producers to establish new and reusable models for future content that functions across multiple platforms. As part of the project, a new template for cross platform video playlists was established, as well as a new minigame format in the form of a time based quiz. In addition, older templates were leveraged in new and unique ways to establish a minigame experience in which the user explores a PC owned by the games villain, with multimedia experiences within to envelop the user in the games story. An existing slideshow template was leveraged to make a new motion version, in which clips of the time powers used in the game are presented as a background with informational overlays. Normally this would be a static image, but this was enhanced for the project to be video assets. The slideshow videos loop through reversal, highlighting the time theme in the game. Everything built for this experience was either an existing model that was enhanced, or a new model that can be easily reused in the future. All of which were established to work responsively cross platform. I put a lot of focus and effort into making the content models economical and reusable for future experiences.
  • Category: UX & UI
  • Client: Xbox / Remedy Entertainment
  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, XD
  • Platform: Xbox console, Web, Mobile